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Running Thoughts – Volume One

So I got geared up for my run tonight. Nothing major, just a couple miles through the neighborhood. It was about 9:00, and the mercury was hovering around 40 degrees. To further set the scene, we had our first measurable snow since Halloween this morning (about two inches), before the precipitation decided to turn to rain. As such everything (EVERYTHING!) is wet.

Because I was just going for a casual run, I just threw on a pair of sweatpants, a regular t-shirt and my Old Navy Active windbreaker. Decided to run in the Pumas, as I have been quite a bit lately. I like them almost as much as my Adidas, but they are a tad warmer, so they are better for winter running. Also, had my headlight and red flashing “tail light” – both are necessities for a nighttime run, even through the quiet streets of Wakefield.

Anyway, while I was lacing up the Pumas, my dear wife Natalia remarked that I was “such a dedicated runner.” While on the surface that might sound true, my initial thought was to disagree wholeheartedly…

Instead, I pointed out that the reason that I felt I had to go for a run tonight was that I’ve recently been anything but a dedicated runner. If I had actually gone for even so much as one run over the long weekend that just passed, I could have “cheated” and taken a day off today. But, for whatever reason, I took the entire weekend off from running. It wasn’t a planned thing. It wasn’t all that miserable weather-wise (okay, yeah, so it was bone-shatteringly cold for a couple days, but running in the cold isn’t a huge deal).  I wasn’t particularly busy (and let’s be honest…you can never really be too busy for a 20-30 minute run, especially when you enjoy running at night). So why didn’t I run at all this weekend? Well…I just didn’t, that’s why.

So on my run, I kept thinking about how the fact that I was running now proves both my dedication to running and my lack of dedication to running at the same time. And then, for the first time since getting bit by the “bug” that is running, I started to think of myself as “a runner.” And that’s pretty cool. So in addition to using this spot to ramble incessantly about my musical preferences, I’m now going to use it to ramble incessantly about running-related musings. Hey…why not?

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